Why not have a Autumn Wedding?

The majority of brides dream of a glorious summer wedding; there are also then those brides who adore the cosy setting of a winter wedding, but what about autumn? So often over looked, an autumn date can offer the perfect back drop for your big day!

By opting for a date out of the summer months you will likely find that your ideal venue will have a greater selection of dates to choose from, as at the moment autumn dates are not as high in demand as summer – until of course everyone realises that autumn is the perfect time of year to get married! As well as your venue, many of the popular florists, cake makers and DJs that you’ve dreamed of having for your big day will also likely have the availability to be part of your wedding too.

The cost of venues and suppliers is also likely to be less during those autumn months, in comparison to an August wedding. They say you pay more for the weather, but unfortunately sunshine cannot be guaranteed, even in August! So save yourself some money, and the concern about it raining on your outdoor wedding, and opt for a cosy autumnal day. Don’t forget that you can also keep a bit more money in your pocket by opting for a midweek date rather than being set to a Saturday. Weddings can take place on any day of the week and your nearest and dearest will make that time to attend your special day, no matter when you book it for!

The weather in autumn can really give you the best of both. Let’s face it, it isn’t the middle of summer so you won’t want to plan a whole outside do – make sure you chose a venue that can accommodate all of your guests in a wonderful warm atmosphere. However, chances are that it may still be just warm and sunny enough to nip outside for some photographs. It’s always safe to plan for a day that may be affected by rain, but then it’s a pleasant surprise if the sun is shining!

The photography of your wedding at that time of year will also be very impactful! Not only will the light be softer, with fewer harsh shadows cast than a summer wedding, but the earlier evenings also means that your photographer will have the chance to capture some truly dramatic sunset shots. Imagine the vibrancy of the autumnal leaves against a stunningly coloured sky, that romantic warmth – no photograph will compare to that!

You may not have realised it, but autumn really is a season of indulgence and sweet treats! Picture the scene, all of your guests gathered in a grand hall with a roaring fire, the adults with a glass of seasonal Pimm’s garnished with plums and the children enjoying a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. As an addition to your canapes, or maybe even as wedding favours on the tables, you can provide your guests with toffee apples – no doubt it will transport them back to their days of their childhood enjoying the town carnival or fair as autumn begins.

This time of year offers some great opportunities for games and activities to keep everyone entertained. Apple bobbing is an activity that always creates such a great laugh, but yet not often thought about. The children of the party will be thrilled at the prospect of dunking their heads to retrieve the well earned prize of a crisp red apple – but chances are you’ll get plenty of grown ups wanting to join in too! Pumpkin carving would make a great bit of entertainment during the reception drinks and offers something a bit different. Although you might even want to embrace that idea prior to the big day itself and create some decorations and lanterns from carved pumpkins. Another cute idea would be to set up an arts and crafts station full of autumnal leaves, let the kids loose with that to keep them occupied during the speeches!

An autumn wedding can create quite an intimate feeling, cosy and homely celebration with the people who mean the most to you, all there to share your special day. Do you remember that comforting feeling of all of your family gathering on Bonfire Night, wrapping up nice and warm and enjoying sparklers? Well there is nothing stopping you from recreating that for your wedding day – get those sparklers out and make sure that you get some creative photographs. Bonfire Night isn’t the only celebration you can embrace during the autumn months though; don’t forget about Halloween! You could opt for a fully spooky do with spiderweb icing on the cake and plenty of candles. You might even want to create your own game called ‘trick or treat’ to get your guests talking as they are sat at their tables for the wedding breakfast.

Now the food itself on the big day is something that should definitely not be over looked, to keep an autumnal theme with the food will also help create a warm and indulgent atmosphere. Forget the light and minimalist style of summer time food and give your guests a real treat; you could opt for a pumpkin spiced soup, a hearty roast dinner accompanied by butternut squash, then maybe finish up with an apple and blackberry crumble with a hint of cinnamon. The wines that you then pick to compliment these dishes can then make all of the difference! When selecting your chosen white wine, look for something oaky like a chardonnay. Whereas with the red wine you select would do well to have some hints of blackberry. Or you could go for something a bit more unique and offer mulled cider as an alternative to wine – no doubt that would go down well!

It may be the case that holding your big day in autumn could naturally compliment your own complexion and style. If you’ve always feared the potential sunburnt back caused by an outdoor ceremony, then having a warm and cosy indoor do might be the ideal alternative. When it comes to autumn styles though, make sure that you really embrace those gold tones and use that bronzer to it’s full potential – just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t meant that you can’t glow! Subtle hints of orange and red in your eyeshadow is not only massively on trend right now, but will help add to that dramatic elegance.

So your autumn wedding has kept guests well fed and entertained, ensured you’re looking radiant, and saved you some money – but arguably one of the best things about a wedding at this time of year is the opportunity it gives for people to look forward to and catch up at! Summer is over, everyone has returned from the holidays in the sun – as the evenings begin to draw in, so do the holiday blues. Usually at that time of year there is nothing on the horizon to get excited about, nothing to get dressed up for; but imagine the next big date in the diary being your wedding – the event of the year, let alone the season!

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