Wedding Photography with Matt Harris

We have had the pleasure of having Matt Harris photograph weddings here at The Ravenswood, and we know just how much he loves the dance floor! So it’s only right that his feature is about the importance of capturing a good party –

“Do you stay until the first dance?”

This is a question I often get asked when meeting with potential couples. I think its because different photographers offer so many packages that it can all be something of a minefield. Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc – I’ve seen photographers offer up to 6 different types of wedding packages which, with the greatest respect, is completely nuts.

So, that’s why I like it to keep it simple with just one package on the table.  When I’m booked to capture your big day, I’m there all day, from start to finish. I can’t think of anything worse than leaving before the party is in full swing!

So to answer the question above, not only do I stay for the first dance but you’ll generally find me in the thick of the action on the dance-floor capturing all the fun from dodgy dance moves and air guitar to passionately belted out lyrics, in-tune or otherwise, all whilst trying to avoid flying elbows and legs until the last man or woman is left standing. With that in mind here are some quick dance floor rules that should be adhered to:

  1. The dancefloor must be occupied at all times.
  2. Lunges are strongly encouraged.
  3. Wearing a tie around your head is perfectly acceptable.
  4. Knee slides will be loudly applauded.
  5. Air guitar is a good thing.
  6. Dance-offs are most welcome.
  7. “Dad-dancing” is cool.  
  8. And finally – Don’t hold back, leave it all out there!

So, to recap, your wedding day is a celebration, a big party with all your nearest and dearest around you and the best pictures come from when everyone is relaxed and having fun. And the place to be? The dance floor. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pictures above and see for yourself!

If you’re thinking of photography for your wedding and have a banging dance floor planned then drop me a line!

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