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Open Air Cinema 22nd September Top Gun


22nd September 2017




You can be our wing men anytime, that's right we bring you the Tom Cruise classic Top Gun, another hugely grossing 80's blockbuster. Perfect for all the family regardless of age or sex, with an awesome sound track to match you can't help but love this film.

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Some interesting facts about the film:

  • Val Kilmer did not want to be in this film, but was forced to by contractual obligations. However, it became one of his most iconic roles in his career.
  • The real Top Gun School imposes a five dollar fine to anyone in the staff that quotes the movie.
  • The Navy only authorized two actual missile shots to be filmed for the movie. You can clearly pick out these two shots, ultimately shot from several angles each in order to use both shots repeatedly during the dogfighting scenes, because the aircraft firing the missile is holding a steady altitude and heading, something that would never happen in a real close-in dogfight. All other missile shots shown in the movie were conducted using miniatures of both the planes and rockets.
  • Anthony Edwards is the only actor who didn't vomit while in the fighter jets.